The boom of mobile applications

In recent years we have experienced perhaps the most outstanding technological growth of all time worldwide due to the evolution of software and its components.

This growth has attracted numerous large and small companies that have embraced digital innovation for many of their projects. Seeking to improve their cash flow, increase clients’ retention, and immerse themselves in the new and more significant business niche in the technology sector «Mobile applications».

Mobile applications are perhaps the number one priority for digital transformation for companies everywhere. Mobile apps support a wide variety of interactions with the unique benefit of being with the target user at all times.

Mobile apps transcend spaces and moments. They allow parents to attend their children’s functions while keeping an eye on their email. It enables investors to trade from a beach sun bead and workers to better log time on the field.

Even in the current times, with PCs gaining more importance, mobile phones are the primary second screen for all kinds of users.

The rise in the consumption of information through these mobile devices is so significant that according to Deloitte’s worldwide survey of mobile consumers, it showed that people check their cell phones an average of 52 times a day; half of those are dedicated to the use of mobile applications.

This great opportunity also represents a significant challenge to companies who want to introduce mobile apps to their current operation.

Mobile devices offer a variety of features, but they also require significant expertise to manage its challenges.

Things like screen size, data coverage, constant operating system upgrades, multiple manufactures, and changing policies are just a few of the criteria an excellent mobile app developer will bring to your attention when designing a mobile app solution.

Keep these simple points in mind when considering a mobile app for your organization:

  • What is the best user experience on a small screen?
  • What is the typical environment of use of my target user? What do I want my app to do if my user is out of data coverage?
  • What are the most common device and operating systems of my target audience?
  • Is my app for public distribution or private distribution according to the app distribution stores?
  • Do I have the budget to regularly update my mobile app as the major manufacturers release new operating system updates?

We would love to have the opportunity to answer all these questions and any other you might have about whether a mobile app is the right tool for your business. We have the experience and the best team of solution architects to guide through this exciting technological revolution.

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