The essential role of UX and UI in digital transformation

By: María Rosa, CMO Inmov North America

When we refer to a digital transformation project within a company, we refer to new solutions and their development. Generally, the spotlight lies over the code, and we make the mistake of assuming that is enough to succeed and reach our business goals.
However, there are a pair of essential components for this type of organizational project that cannot be excluded: User experience (UX) and user interface (UI). These tools are no longer an option for digital transformation; they’re needs that must be covered when we complete our checklist to guarantee the adoption of new solutions.

First impression

There’s no second first impression. We don’t have much time or many chances to convince our users, gain their attention and keep them choosing us repeatedly over the other possibilities in the market.

Let’s start by clarifying: What are UX and UI?

The concept of user experience (UX) refers to how people feel before, during, and after using your product or service. These sensations define if the user will come back to us and our solution or if they will leave to another alternative similar to us.

Perception and emotion, among others, are crucial components when we think about user experience: It needs to identify and solve user issues, no matter the context, the product, or the service (Digital transformation solutions are not the exception, of course).

On the other side, the concept of user interface (UI) refers to the elements on a screen that allows the user to interact with a digital solution ( a website, a mobile app, or customized software, among others).

UI is responsible for showing our content, products, and services efficiently and intuitively, without forgetting about aesthetics. User experience is exclusive to digital products.

UX/UI + Digital transformation

As we have told before in our blog entries, every digital transformation project must be conceived and developed around the user. We can’t save efforts in understanding the user because we must shield ourselves against every existing barrier between people and the adoption of the solution inside the company.

For Inmov North America, there are several key points when considering UX and UI for our digital transformation projects; today, we want to mention a few of them:

Research your users: It is crucial to take the time and allocate resources to research the user. At Inmov, we blindly believe in a thorough documentation process. Several methods will help you understand how users develop in their everyday routine, their preferences, their most essential tools, their main obstacles, and how they can get them over.

  • Give your user an intuitive experience: Don’t make your users waste time by giving them an unintuitive tool that can’t be deciphered. Users must be able to discover the way by themselves.
  • Efficiency: A good user experience exercise will make the user’s navigation through the tool easy and aesthetically pleasant. At the same time, it reaches your goals for your new solutions, developments, and platforms.
  • Not everything’s peachy: There are also negative messages, notifications, and warnings for the users. Think about the best way to communicate without sounding hostile; remember, you’re an ally.
  • Brand/Design: It’s critical to work on the look and feel of your projects. They must always be aligned with your brand; after all, branding is an always-on effort. Name a better ambassador for your business than a well-designed tool that works perfectly for its users 🙂
  • Learn from your mistakes: Give the users the possibility of giving feedback. Be constant when monitoring and asking for observations to perfect your solution.
  • Less is more: Communicate only what needs to be communicated. More content doesn’t mean more efficiency and success in transmitting your message. You can also use this principle with the graphic design of your solution.

UX and UI allow us to collect and offer every necessary tool for our users to have the best of the experiences. It’s not just about guaranteeing the solution’s performance; it is also about making our target our ally. We need to gain the user’s trust, and we only have one shot: let’s use it correctly.

At Inmov North America, we can help you use that shot accurately. Contact us at and let us guide you to experience digital transformation success.

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